"Chiarella's engaging writing creates so many haunting moments that readers will find themselves moving quickly through the story, as well as awaiting her next work. This is a novel about what it means to be human, with all the flaws and vulnerabilities that implies, and whether we can ever truly begin again."
(Kirkus Reviews)

"[Jessica Chiarella] does an amazing job moving from character to character and delving into their inner thoughts. The idea of creating human clones is already a controversial subject, but this book offers and eye-opening view into the mental and psychological strain that it can cause. The vulnerability and self-consciousness of the characters makes them easy to relate to and endearing."
(RT Reviews)

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Early Praise for AND AGAIN:

"What a stunning first novel! And Again was continually haunting me, and just when I thought I knew these characters, who are so vivid and singular in their desires and frailties, and yet so universal in their humanity, they surprised me once more until the pages were finished and I was left pondering our lives, our future, and how love still works. Jessica Chiarella has so much talent."
-Susan Straight, author of Between Heaven and Here

"And Again is a moving and beautifully crafted novel about the frailty of identity, the illusion of control, and the enduring power of love. A fantastic debut."
-Laila Lalami, author of The Moor's Account, Pulitzer Prize finalist and longlisted for the Man Booker Prize

"Contemplative...Chiarella's entrancing prose and fully fleshed characters should garner widespread, enthusiastic praise."

"It was the unique premise of AND AGAIN that pulled me in, but it was Jessica Chiarella's luminous writing that kept me reading page after page. The characters are gorgeously observed, the world fully believable and utterly absorbing. I never wanted it to end."
-Rebecca Johns, author of The Countess and Icebergs

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AND AGAIN is the story of four terminally-ill patients who are given new, cloned bodies as part of a pilot program called SUBlife. While the “SUBs” are exact replicas of the patients’ former bodies, they are also genetically perfect, spared the onslaught of environmental damage that accompanies a normal life. Their vision is perfect. Old injuries disappear. Food tastes different. Scars, tattoos, and even the muscle memory they have always taken for granted is now gone. Their lives are saved, but their physical identities have been wiped away.

The novel follows these characters as they reenter their lives and find that they have been both restored, and unmade, by this medical miracle. Hannah, an artistic prodigy, discovers she can no longer paint. David, a congressman, attempts to hide his transformation from the public even as he continues to grapple with his old habits. Connie, an actress whose bombshell looks are restored after a protracted illness, attempts to navigate an industry obsessed with physical beauty. And Linda, who spent eight years paralyzed after an auto accident, finds she can no longer connect with the family she once loved. Throughout the following year, their return to health proves fraught with unbelievable rewards, and unimaginable risks.